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Lote 1361 - Auction 33

BENGAL: Hussain Shah, 1493-1519, ...
BENGAL: Hussain Shah, 1493-1519, ...
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30.000,00 USD (26.920,32 €)

BENGAL: Hussain Shah, 1493-1519, AV tanka (10.36g), Khazana (the Treasury), AH904, G-B757, royal formula divided between obverse & reverse: al-sultan al-'adil 'alâ al-dunya wa'l-din abu'l-muzaffar // hussain sultan bin sayyid ashraf al-hussaini khulida mulkuhu khazana 904, presentation style with full legends within outer circular border, 3 small testmarks, VF, RRR. This is clearly a special presentation issue, almost perfectly centered and with complete borders on both sides. The standard gold tankas of the later sultans of Bengal, including Hussain Shah, were struck on planchets that were not as wide as dies.


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